Areas of Practice

Thorne & Skinner

Areas of Litigation Practice

Negligence Cases

Auto Collisions – car wrecks; intersection collisions; highway accidents; rear-end collisions; traffic violations; tickets/citations; intoxication; negligent entrustment; wrongful death; back injuries; head injuries; neck injuries; leg/hip fractures; shoulder injuries; liability claims; uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) claims

Motorcycle Accidents

Truck Accidents – tractor-truck; tractor-trailer; truck rollover;

Bicycle Accidents

Pedestrian/Vehicle Accidents

Premises Liability – hazardous conditions; dangerous conditions; automatic door closures; door collapse; crush injuries; electric shock; slip & fall / trip & fall; falling merchandise;

Assault Cases – intentional assault; battery; sexual assault; physical abuse

Animal Attack – dangerous animals; vicious dogs; dog bites; disfigurement; scarring

Product Liability – defective products; pharmaceuticals; dietary supplements; medical devices; medicine recalls; government recalls

Medical Negligence – medical malpractice; nursing home negligence; falls; abuse; wrongful death; hip fractures; head injuries; hospital liability; infections; failure to treat; misdiagnosis; medication errors; prescription errors

WillsDo you need a will? 

Other Areas – probate; estate administration; power of attorney; medical power of attorney; advance directives; heirship affidavits; real estate title; real estate contracts; closings; marital property; divorce proceedings; community property

Referrering Lawyers

Thorne & Skinner accepts referrals of personal injury cases from other attorneys.  Our experience in representing victims and families in cases involving serious injury and wrongful death provide assurance to our referring attorneys that their clients’ cases will be thoroughly evaluated and aggressively pursued.  We are happy to consider working with you in the legal representation of your clients’ injury cases.