With over 70 years experience in representing victims and families in serious personal injury and wrongful death cases, the law firm of Thorne & Skinner focuses on recovering compensation for losses resulting from the negligence and wrongful actions of corporations, individuals, medical professionals, and government entities.



Get to know Thorne & Skinner:

“One of my Barbosa Plumbing & A/C Service Vans was hit by another driver who ran a Stop Sign. Mr. Kim Thorne Spoke to me at length over the phone and gave me some Good Advice on how to get things rolling with the at fault Insurance Co. I would highly recommend Thorne & Skinner.” -Drew Barbarossa

“Very professional. They get the job done every time.” -Misti Meyers


“I have been working with Thorne & Skinner for about 14 years and I have always found them to be exceptionally knowledgeable, professional, and extremely kind. If you are in the area, then you probably already know that about this law firm. I find them to be truly outstanding and very highly recommended.” -Billy Dunn